Resistance / Resistencia

Shortlisted in the Latin America Professional Award competition at the Sony World Photography Awards 2024 

Resistance / Resistencia  is the latest project by French-Colombian photographer Mathias Maumont Perafan. The series explores the broad concept of the idea of resistance by highlighting the personal stories of 13 individuals featured in 10 portraits. In his practice, Mathias Maumont Perafan blends documentary with artistic genres. Each set-up is inspired by the individual journey of each person, recorded in interviews in which they speak very openly about their lives. All these stories shed light on a different yet universal idea of what resistance can be. In the difficult context of the Cauca region where the images were taken, Mathias believes that this work can help create empathy and lead to more peace, which a country like Colombia desperately needs. The esthetic of the series is based on mixing patterns and colors from different Colombian inspirations in an effort to neutralize the socio-political background of each subject. 

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